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Affordable Support Solutions

ICOSS believes in delivering big business solutions at small business prices. Our revolutionary solutions allow you to eliminate the need for specialist in house I.T staff. Our trained support staff can replace the need for a full time member of staff with our customizable support services.

ICOSS has the support solution to match your business and I.T requirements with solutions ranging from an entry level helpdesk to remote monitoring. During a free initial consultancy session our support staff will explore your business procedures and work towards customizing an I.T. support solution to exactly fit your requirements.

Our support services include:

LAN Audit

One of the services recommended to all clients is a Site Audit. This audit is used to document and list the software, current network services and equipment details. This includes the configuration of servers, workstations and network printers. This service not only benefits your organization but it helps any future work we carry out with you. A full network plan is carried out recording detailed technical information for all your equipment.

ICOSS can also carry out a security audit, which lists user access rights. During the audit any problems found such as security loop holes, cabling problems and network bottlenecks are looked for. A network analyzer is also attached to the network which provides network usage statistics and warnings if any errors or problems (even potential problems) are detected.

Upon completion of the Site Audit, a comprehensive report is produced. This report is presented in a subsequent meeting where the client's current network status is discussed and a list of recommendations to improve information systems efficiency based on the findings in the report is presented. This report then becomes a basis for future planning and expansion for the individual client.

Server Analysis

? Hardware and software audit

? Diagnosing possible hardware issues

? Anti Virus check

? Error log analysis

? Remote Working Evaluation

? Checking hard disk for errors and sufficient space

? Firewall / security check

? Data Structure Analysis

? Complete documentation of applications and specifications

Workstation Analysis

? Hardware and software audit

? Configuration Check

? Virus Check

? Problem Identification

? Disk Defragmentation

? Scan Disk

? Data Structure Check

? Complete documentation of applications and specifications


A full help desk can be through the telephone, SMS, quick response email or interactively using Internet based remote control. This can liberate your staff to concentrate on doing what they are good at, the last thing your company needs is non qualified I.T staff wasting valuable time attempting to fix computer problems. Our technicians can resolve over 95% of problems without even visiting your office.

Internet based remote control

From our experience as an outsourcing company 95% of all faults can be fixed through the internet. ICOSS has a number of ways to access its networks which allow engineers to simply remote control client's servers and workstations. These applications spell instant action and a massive reduction in costly onsite visits. We simply attend to the problem from our labs while you get on with your work.

Onsite Response

Of the 5% of problems that cannot be fixed remotely ICOSS can send an engineer to your business. The varying response depends on how critical the functions are to you. The service that you need can be tailor made to your requirements and engineers can be sent out to you as quickly as 2 hours

Remote Monitoring

When your systems are running efficiently you can be assured that we will still monitor you network regardless. ICOSS will monitor the health of your network remotely and in many cases can even predict and prevent issues from arising. In the event of a problem occurring we are instantly notified by our specialist software and will respond accordingly.

Scheduled Visits

These visits ensure the smooth running of your network and offer your staff an opportunity to keep your systems up to date and tackle the small day to day problems that on their own don't warrant a more costly call-out. Business advantages include:

Vital maintenance tasks

The list below outlines some of the tasks we undertake during site visits:

? Implement critical server updates

? Implement critical workstation updates

? update virus software

? Verify disaster recovery plans

? Backup of the server and workstations

? Regular hardware maintenance

? Create/modify user and email accounts

? Check LAN security

? Troubleshoot logged team issues

For our full range of services call 0845 226 0987 or e-mail: