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ICOSS provides reliable and robust solutions to satisfy their clients' needs. The services provided, not in order of priority, include:

  • E Mail solutions - In-house monitored corporate level e-mail services with disclaimers etc
  • Fax-2-email - via a virtual fax number, fax out from any PC on network via a shared modem
  • Two way SMS - (short message service) to user desktops,
  • H323 VoIP gateway / SIP setup/support
  • Virtual Help Desk Management - totally transparent to end user, with help desk personnel having the ability to remotely manage users desktops
  • Antivirus Solutions - delivering protection to users' workstations as well as real-time monitoring of email before they enter users' email inboxes, whilst updating itself independently from the internet against the latest viruses as they emerge
  • Auditing - Comprehensive tailor made self updating inventorying systems
  • Server Health Monitoring Systems by email notification, or SMS notification direct to ICOSS engineers
  • Firewall Facilities for network based internet access at users' desktops, all monitored, controlled and logged
  • Data Protection - Daily corporate level data backup, utilising cutting-edge Backup Server software with the ability to restore to file level
  • Virtual Private Networking - VPN and remote network access allowing remote and ?on the road? staff access to corporate network securely via telephone and broadband
  • Swipe Card Technology - Use of swipe cards for network logins for enhanced security and access (ICOSS also delivers an in-house barcode making solution for customers who require a more enhanced security swipe system)
  • Citrix Server Solutions - setup and deployment of Applications, User Desktops and File Content over internal networks and remote sites. It allows branch offices to be connected to main site and use applications centrally stored, run and managed with minimal maintenance, from anywhere, at anytime, from any system and over any network connection i.e. leased or non-leased line, broadband ADSL/SDSL, ATM, Cable broadband etc. connections.
  • LAN Cabling installation using latest Cat.5e industry standard cable and professional wiring methods
  • Wireless Connectivity provided by seamless links to the network server(s) and shared resources using advanced wireless access points.
  • Training - Comprehensive training from basic use of computers to workgroup training programs on Microsoft Outlook and other Office suite applications