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Procurement print page

Our Procurement Team

ICOSS's procurement team can provide a complete procurement service that integrates with your current internal procedures. If you are an ICOSS customer, we will already have a snapshot of your system. This enables us to seamlessly plan your system from inception to implementation. Our procurement service includes:


At ICOSS we believe that our customers should know exactly what they are paying for. All to often I.T companies mask the true price of hardware by combining it with other services. We do not! ICOSS will break down the cost of hard ware and if required, we will arrange a shopping list of goods together with you very own purchase orders to buy products on your own account. ICOSS works on an innovative cost transparent basis; all hardware purchases are made by the customer, with ICOSS sourcing keen trade level prices, with consultancy and setup outlined separately.

Buying Experience

The Procurement team at ICOSS has nearly 9 years of buying experience. As one of most experienced I.T. services companies in the Midlands, ICOSS has the expertise to negotiate excellent prices on a huge range of hardware and software products from various suppliers. This can range from sourcing the very best servers and workstations or to negotiate discount licenses for charitable organizations on your behalf. ICOSS has hundreds of Hardware and software resellers on its list of suppliers. This experience can essentially be passed on to our customers.

Warranty Management

As an ICOSS support customer all of your purchases will be managed as part of your network support agreement. This includes will identifying the problem, contacting the manufacturer, recovering hardware through RMA procedures. By appointing ICOSS your outsourcing company, all your warranty issues can be resolved with one phone call.

Internet Connectivity

An integral part of many companies is the ability to utilize the internet. Each customer has its own requirements and ICOSS can source the very best ISP supplier depending on your requirements.

For our full range of services call 0845 226 0987 or e-mail: