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Who are ICOSS?
ICOSS is a Midlands based IT company that has developed a revolutionary outsourcing model.  We primarily support small to medium sized businesses by offering them IT systems that would normally be reserved for larger companies.

The team at ICOSS has been uniquely selected to emulate what you would find in a large IT department. So when you outsource your IT to ICOSS, you gain access to a whole technical department encompassing a myriad of skills, all at a fraction of the cost.

Why Outsource 
Apart from having to put up with in house IT geek on a daily level, Outsourcing your companies IT can offer you a variety of benefits:

Cost containment
A decent IT infrastructure normally requires a good IT Team or an experienced network administrator. Companies that employ permanent IT staff normally pay for on average between ?14-?30K (depending on their knowledge and the type of network). ICOSS could replace your existing staff and provide a better level of service; all at a fraction of the cost.

Apart from the huge saving that can be made by outsourcing you would also benefit from not having to pay additional Employers Contributions Taxes! Recruitment & Consultant Fee?s etc.

Predictable IT budgets
With an outsourcing agreement with ICOSS you will know exactly what your IT budget will be. We can accurately forecast your budgets and we will also act in your interest when updating workstation fleets, photocopier contracts and even toner cartridges when required.

Around the clock cover
An outsourcing agreement with ICOSS will insure that your network will operate for 365 days of the year. ICOSS can be the employee who never takes holidays and are never off sick.

A broader range of skills
If you have a small amount of staff to cover your IT needs, you can appreciate that they have a finite skill set and can only deliver solutions based on their limited knowledge base.    At ICOSS you have access to a whole IT department. This will not only ensure a stable network but this vast array of experience should also allow you to prepare for appropriate future technologies.

Onsite outsourcing agreements
ICOSS does recognize that some companies like having someone on-site; this can be outsourced too. We can supply a permanent engineer if required. In addition to this, the allocated site engineer would have daily contact and additional support from ICOSS?s dedicated team of engineers. ICOSS can provide you with a full or part time engineer, depending on your needs.

Over two-thirds of UK businesses currently outsource ? and outsourcing is expected to grow by as much as 50% by 2008. 66% of businesses which already outsource say that it has helped them concentrate on their core activities; 68% say it has saved the company time and money.

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